This group has been established to:

  • increase awareness of the teachings of Islam;
  • challenge misinformation about Islam, especially by public authorities and the media;
  • analyse the influence of Islam on contemporary UK society.


Despite Islam, in one form or another, dominating the news for over forty years, most non-Muslims would still struggle to provide an accurate quote from the Quran or to summarise the life of Mohammed. Serious evaluation of the influence of Islamic doctrine upon current affairs is almost completely absent from the discussion of them by politicians, journalists and academics in the mainstream media, and is increasingly being censored from social media.

To express any criticism of Islam publicly is to routinely incur accusations of being ‘far right’ or ‘Islamophobic’ and indulging in ‘hate speech’. Even to do so privately amongst friends, is to risk breaching a deep social taboo (and often to attract warnings to take care for one’s safety).

Islam in the UK

The following three part tract has been written as an introduction to Islam in Britain.

Who Wrote the Quran?  presents the current state of evidence concerning the authorship of the Qur’an.

What is Islam? provides an introduction to the teachings of Islam, outlining ten clear instructions contained in the Qur’an that are inconsistent with liberal, secular democracy, and considering frequently put counter arguments.

Muslims in Britain surveys the ethnicity, demographic trends, confessional affiliation, polled opinions and tendency to segregation of Britain’s Muslim community and concludes with a warning of a likely future Muslim v non-Muslim conflict scenario.

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Fact Files for Factphiles

Ten papers, each of which provides detailed analysis of an instruction contained in the Qur’an:

  • employing up to sixteen translations,
  • explaining any traditional account of the narration circumstances,
  • describing ways in which it was reportedly practised and preached by Mohammed, and
  • outlining its interpretation in classical Islamic commentaries and lawbooks.



Read the Qur’an Through 100 Verses

(Soon to be published in paperback)

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Contemporary Issues:


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The IRG supports the For Britain Movement, the only UK political party encouraging the honest discussion of Islam and prepared to directly oppose Islamic teachings that are incompatible with individual freedom, the rule of law and a tolerant and democratic society.